Gold & Coins

The most unique and exquisite designs in gold come from Europe.  These craftsmen usually create the links and designs that become famous worldwide. We have a large variety of chokers, bracelets, earrings, charms and more. These spectacular looks are offered both in 18k and also in 14k yellow and white gold.  Many of these pieces not only require impeccable design flair but also meticulous craftsmanship.

Many are hand assembled with the care and precision best attributed to the gold craftsmen of times past.

The finishes on our gold pieces are vast and varied, from the well known brushed and sandblasted to the lesser known aging techniques of hammering and oxidizing.  All of these are strategically applied to enhance the appearance of chokers, bracelets and earrings alike.

We welcome you to explore our “gold treasure trove” and know that you will undoubtedly find a stunning piece just right for you.

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Custom Jewelry Design - if you can imagine it, Jorge Adeler can create it

It seems the word "recycle" has been a bit overused lately. This being said, did you realize that by simply re-fashioning or re-designing a piece of jewelry you are actually "recycling"? One of the virtues of heirloom jewelry is that the component parts, as in the metal and gemstones used, can actually be reused. One of our specialties is not just custom jewelry design but rather custom re-design. So take a look at in that jewelry box and consider what pieces you have that no longer suit your style, are broken or perhaps just need a little updating, and make and appointment. After all, while our design consultations are ALWAYS free of charge, the results can often be priceless.

Adeler jewelry hits the red carpet

Many of Hollywood's most recognized celebrity faces have been spotted wearing custom designed Adeler jewelry everywhere from the Emmys to the Oscars. Stars like Nicole Scherzinger, Katy Perry and Halle Berry have made Adeler one of their favorite choices. Check out our celebrity jewelry on the red carpet.