The Jewel of Great Falls

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“Jorge Adeler, Wendy Adeler Hall, Valentina Adeler Armour, and Paige Bishop played host and hostesses at Adeler Jewelers on Walker Road in Great Falls for what will be the 2nd to last Team Pamela’s Punch fundraiser. A portion of the sales will be donated to our campaign – thank you Adelers! It was a lovely, intimate gathering of friends. Because I had not had the pleasure of entering the sparkly store, nestled away on Walker, upon entry, it was like coming into Candyland. Candyland where the “candies” are exquisite gems laid in unique settings. Buyers beware. Jorge did not earn his reputation in this market for being a boring designer with cheap goods. These pieces are truly stunning and truly … well, not inexpensive. Each piece holds a story and Wendy, Jorge and company will gladly explain the life – beginning to end – of all items. That in and of itself is worth the trip. One thing that is important to realize about this gem of a family, is that Adeler Jewelers, while extremely high-end, are truly active in the community, philanthropic and civic minded. They continuously donate to various causes and get personally involved. The Adelers never blink at giving back and will do their best to help in a sincere manner.

Thanks to Latin Concepts, DC Modern Luxury, Jamestown Entertainment, and Casa Noble. I especially appreciate everyone who stayed in town, ventured west during rush hour on a Friday to show face, cocktail, eat, try on pieces, and support the cause. That means the most. I truly thank each of you for having such continued faith in Team Pamela’s Punch, especially during the last week of the campaign.

Don’t be like me and wait for an opportunity to visit the jewel of Great Falls, Adeler Jewelers. Create one for yourself and enjoy. You will be happy you did! ”

Custom jewelry maker (Jorge Adeler with Steve Graham, Nan Moring, Sudhakar Shenoy and Pamela Sorenson at Adeler Jewelers)

Pictured: (Jorge Adeler, Steve Graham, Nan Moring, Sudhakar Shenoy and Pamela Sorenson at Adeler Jewelers)

Pictured: (Jorge Adeler, Paige Bishop, and Mike Caggiano at Adeler Jewelers)

Pictured: (Jorge Adeler, Paige Bishop, and Mike Caggiano at Adeler Jewelers)

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It seems the word "recycle" has been a bit overused lately. This being said, did you realize that by simply re-fashioning or re-designing a piece of jewelry you are actually "recycling"? One of the virtues of heirloom jewelry is that the component parts, as in the metal and gemstones used, can actually be reused. One of our specialties is not just custom jewelry design but rather custom re-design. So take a look at in that jewelry box and consider what pieces you have that no longer suit your style, are broken or perhaps just need a little updating, and make and appointment. After all, while our design consultations are ALWAYS free of charge, the results can often be priceless.

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Many of Hollywood's most recognized celebrity faces have been spotted wearing custom designed Adeler jewelry everywhere from the Emmys to the Oscars. Stars like Nicole Scherzinger, Katy Perry and Halle Berry have made Adeler one of their favorite choices. Check out our celebrity jewelry on the red carpet.