Pearl restringing helps restore glow and functionality

For those of us who love the look and feel of a classic pearl necklace, there’s nothing more upsetting than seeing your favorite jewelry piece become discolored and weakened over time. In fact, many women would rather keep their pearl necklace or pearl bracelets locked inside a jewelry box than risk wearing it, causing further damage.

Like any precious gemstone, pearls require special jewelry care to preserve their natural elegance. Pearl restringing is a professional treatment that helps you restore the glow and functionality of your pearl jewelry for generations of family pearl admirers like you.

To help you protect your pearl jewelry from natural wear and tear, detecting early signs of deterioration is essential! Here are 5 telltale signs it’s time to contact your local D.C. jewelry store and ask about their pearl restringing services:

You Notice Stretching: The majority of pearl necklaces are strung on silk and individually knotted in between. The silk allows the pearl strands to have flexibility and not hang rigidly. But because silk is an organic material, it decomposes over time and can begin to stretch, making your necklace hang longer and lose strength, until it eventually breaks.

You Notice Gapping: Gaps between pearls are another serious sign of stretching and a clear indication that your pearl necklace is on the verge of breakage.

You Notice Residue: Silk is more absorbent to our skin’s sweat and natural oils. Check your pearl’s knots. Do you notice any signs of residue. The more residue that builds up, the weaker your silk becomes.

You Notice Discoloration: The chemicals from hairspray, perfume, and cosmetics can affect the natural glow and shine of your pearls. If you’re noticing that your pearls are losing their luster and starting to exhibit a cloudy appearance, it’s time to pursue professional pearl maintenance services from an experienced jeweler.

You Notice Fraying: Another common sign that your pearl necklace needs restringing is if you notice hints of frayed silk. This is actually the knot’s natural reaction to rubbing against the pearls. The more fray, the more unattractive your jewelry looks and the more weaken it gets.

It’s recommended to have your pearls restrung every 3-5 years (depending on wear). If you’re noticing any of the above signs, you’ll want to address them immediately to avoid permeant staining or damage to your favorite set of pearls. At Adeler Jewelers, we offer professional pearl restringing services to customers in Great Falls, VA, and the surrounding areas. Whether your pearls need restringing, or you’re interested in refashioning a pearl necklace that has been in the family for years, contact our jewelry store today, and let us create a custom jewelry design that complements your sophisticated style.

Jorge Adeler jewelry at Forty Five Ten in Dallas


Stop in at Forty Five Ten this week to see an expanded selection of one-of-a-kind Jorge Adeler jewelry designs through November 18th.

Meet Jorge in person November 13-14 from 1-4pm and hear what inspired his collection of Earth, Sea, and Sky.

Forty Five Ten on Main

1608 Elm Street Motor Court, Dallas.


Designer Jorge Adeler displaying his custom jewelry at Forty Five Ten

Washington Redskins runway show with Adeler Jewelers

Last week the Third Annual Washington Redskins Runway Show took place and we were front and center to the action.  Featuring both the wives and the players of the Washington Redskins we knew we were in for a treat.  Josh Norman opened the show looking dapper in all black and the show continued to impress. DeAngelo Hall, Terelle Pryor and Dustin Hopkins all brought their A+ runway game! Not to be outdone, defensive end Ziggy Hood suited up and left all his swag on the runway.

Master of ceremonies, Chris Cooley, not only had one of the best runway walks, which included a sprint for us spectators, but his charm and sense of humor added much delight to the evening. More than a dozen players set aside their Friday night and put their whole hearts into this event for the kids.  It was inspiring to see the players and the incredible women behind them let their personalities and personal styles shine on the runway for such a paramount cause.

Thanks to our friends at Capitol File for inviting us.  It was truly a pleasure!

washington redskins runway show for charity washington redskins runway show for charity

sarah jessica parker and wendy adeler

It was amid heals and hues of every color that Sarah Jessica Parker and I found out we had something very big in common. We share a firm belief that accessories (shoes, purses, jewelry) make more than just the outfit, they make a statement. The statement that Sarah Jessica makes is that all the “norms” you think you have to obey, you don’t. Funny thing is I have been sharing this same philosophy with my friends and our clients for years.

Why are diamonds strictly for dresss or sparkly heals only to dinner. We are told things are a certain way…but fashion is about voice. Accessories are as much an expression of your personality as when you speak your opinion. Don’t be fooled, you can pull anything off. As long as you feel confident you will look stunning! So ladies and gents….wear the bling and heals to lunch with friends, don’t save anything for “just a special occasion” because YOU make the party 

designer shoes with wendy adeler

custom engagement ring from Adeler Jewelers in Great Falls, VA
One of the most gratifying parts of our job as custom design jewelers is when we are invited to be a part of such milestone occasions as engagements, anniversaries, and birthdays.  We know that these pieces will become heirlooms and we take that responsibility very much to heart!  Thank you Andrew and Khrystyna, the smile says it all 🙂
Congratulations on your engagement!!!  We can’t wait to see the pictures! 🙂



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Custom engagement rings & jewelry design come to life in Great Falls, Virginia at Adeler Jewelers

Jewelry is an outward expression of one's personality. It is a small glimpse into the person who wears it. Imagine it is like inviting someone into your living space, your home. A person who loves modern art and clean lines would probably not, by choice, have a classic French sofa or old fashion oil paintings. Likewise, a person who relishes the classic and rich traditions of history would likely not have a Lucite cube table and modern art on their walls. Similarly, jewelry should reflect the wearer. Whether it's a one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring made especially for her, or a bold new statment piece for the ages, through the choice of materials and the style of a piece, custom jewelry design master Jorge Adeler can facilitate that expression. Bold and brilliant or classic and timeless, or a wonderful combination of the two....there is not a limit...that is the beauty of custom!

Adeler jewelry hits the red carpet

Many of Hollywood's most recognized celebrity faces have been spotted wearing custom designed Adeler jewelry everywhere from the Emmys to the Oscars. Stars like Nicole Scherzinger, Katy Perry and Halle Berry have made Adeler one of their favorite choices. Check out our celebrity jewelry on the red carpet.


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