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One of the most gratifying parts of our job as custom design jewelers is when we are invited to be a part of such milestone occasions as engagements, anniversaries, and birthdays.  We know that these pieces will become heirlooms and we take that responsibility very much to heart!  Thank you Andrew and Khrystyna, the smile says it all :)
Congratulations on your engagement!!!  We can’t wait to see the pictures! :)



summer concerts on the green in great falls, va
I was recently speaking with a family that came into the store that had JUST moved to Great Falls.  This experience (of recommending pediatricians, dentists, veterinarians etc) always reminds me that Great Falls is truly a unique and wonderful “snapshot” of how life used to be in small towns while still keeping up with the evolving “fast paced” metro area it is a member of.

Great Falls is more than just a suburb, it is community filled with traditions like the 4th of July Parade,  Trick or Treating in the Village Centre and neighboring shopping center and the Tree Lighting and Petting Zoo that kicks off the Holiday Season.  Couple this with the free Concerts on the Green on Sundays in summer and the Children’s Spring Festival and Egg Hunt in the Spring and you have something for every age.  Great Falls is also a haven for artists that host a Studio Tour in October and a Farmers Market that is growing annually.  If you don’t live here, it is definitely worth a day trip 😉

Come see why Great Falls is a Great Place!

Here is a link to 8 fun things to do if you visit:

And a couple others:

custom engagement rings the new trend

Unlike in years past, today’s brides are NOT looking to have a ring just like their friends. The only common denominator is that everyone wants something “uniquely theirs”. This is not surprising in an age where we encourage the customizing of everything from sneakers to smart phones.

Custom designed engagement rings allow the groom to control the budget through the selection of materials and styles available and also helps keep the ring as unique as the love story behind it.

We have found these top 5 trends in engagement rings that are emerging today. Do these seem familiar among your friends?

1) Nature is a prevailing theme. Leaves accenting the sides or whole bands fashioned to look like tree limbs.

2) Twisting, intertwining and split shanks lend themselves to this nature theme and also shows a deviation from straight lines and modern angles.

3) Unique “halos” are showing up as well. The halo trend was set a few years ago, but now couples are combining shapes and setting styles to achieve a non-traditional halo look.

4) Mixed metals and metal colors. More and more the combination of gold and platinum and or rose gold and yellow gold in a ring is being optimized to help make the piece more original.

5) Brides and Grooms are opting to use colored gemstones such as blue sapphire or ruby in lieu of diamonds for the center and or accent stones in engagement rings.

white glove customer service at Adeler Jewelers

“Hello, welcome…”

“Would you like coffee, tea?”

“Cold water,  sparkling water?”

“May I take your coat?”

“I would be happy to check the prongs on your rings and clean your jewelry while you wait.”

In today’s retail environment there are so many choices for purchases.  In the luxury market, how much are the “extra’s “worth? Or are they expected…?  Things like the extra service, the brick –and-mortar environment, the perks.

They are worth enough to keep the traditional, multigenerational brands in business. This is possibly due to an expected standard of quality and service that is understood between buyer and seller in these brands.

If a custom jeweler makes a ring for a client and the size needs to be modified for example, of course it will be done…at no charge.

And when Daylight Savings rolls around I suppose one should not be surprised when the “in box” has a notice from the auto dealership offering to change the clock in the car “at your convenience, if you just stop by”.   It was a nice offer, this I can manage on my own  :)

2016 oscars fashion looks

Finally, the 2016 Oscar trends were actually…no trend at all :)

The starlets and A-listers followed their own sense of style and didn’t conform to tradition.  There were pearls, not often seen, long necklaces, chokers and  mismatched earrings.  There were colored gemstones and bejeweled hairpieces as well.
A color trend that did emerge was lavender / purple in the gorgeous gowns.  This is a color not often seen on the red carpet and this year it was certainly done to perfection.

Custom engagement rings & jewelry design come to life in Great Falls, Virginia at Adeler Jewelers

Jewelry is an outward expression of one's personality. It is a small glimpse into the person who wears it. Imagine it is like inviting someone into your living space, your home. A person who loves modern art and clean lines would probably not, by choice, have a classic French sofa or old fashion oil paintings. Likewise, a person who relishes the classic and rich traditions of history would likely not have a Lucite cube table and modern art on their walls. Similarly, jewelry should reflect the wearer. Whether it's a one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring made especially for her, or a bold new statment piece for the ages, through the choice of materials and the style of a piece, custom jewelry design master Jorge Adeler can facilitate that expression. Bold and brilliant or classic and timeless, or a wonderful combination of the two....there is not a limit...that is the beauty of custom!

Adeler jewelry hits the red carpet

Many of Hollywood's most recognized celebrity faces have been spotted wearing custom designed Adeler jewelry everywhere from the Emmys to the Oscars. Stars like Nicole Scherzinger, Katy Perry and Halle Berry have made Adeler one of their favorite choices. Check out our celebrity jewelry on the red carpet.


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