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We are open from 10:30-5:00 Tuesday through Friday and 10:30-5:00 on Saturdays

We are happy to help you with your jewelry needs during our store hours without an appointment. We do however; recommend making an appointment if you are looking to speak to Jorge about a custom design or redesign of a piece.

Yes, we do all of our jewelry making on site in our in-house workshop.

Yes, we do appraisals. We charge $250 per hour for appraisals. Our appraisers are Graduate Gemologists and highly skilled in their field. Once we see the pieces we are able to give you a much clearer estimate of how long we feel the piece will take to appraise.

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No, unfortunately we do not do watch repairs.

Yes, we size rings. As long as the ring is made of a “noble metal” such as gold, platinum or sterling silver, we are usually able to size it. We would happily confirm that upon seeing the piece. We like to give ourselves a week to size a ring but some rings may take longer and most rings will take only 3 to 4 days. Either way, we will call you just as soon as your piece is completed.

Yes, we do repairs of all sorts. Of course, this would need to be confirmed upon looking at the piece.

Yes, we do offer pearl restringing and knotting.

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Because pearls are usually strung on silk (a naturally decomposing fiber) and depending on how often you use them, it is recommended to restring your pearls every 3-5 years.

You will notice that the knots between the pearls begin to fray and you should notice gaps between the pearls and the knots. This occurs only because the silk is stretching and there for decomposing.

Yes, we are happy to use your own gold and or stones to create a new piece of jewelry. We often do this to preserve the sentimental aspect of a piece and or to recycle gold/jewelry that is no longer current in design or to your taste.

While we have several engagement rings in the store, we are best known for our one-of-a-kind custom engagement rings. We find that working with you to create a piece that is uniquely yours is appealing to our clients and allows us to customize the piece for your lifestyle, taste and budget.

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Typically it takes us 3 to 4 weeks to execute a new design.

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A round brilliant cut diamond is always going to look largest for its carat size. That is why it is so popular as well as referred to as the ideal cut.

A round brilliant cut diamond, with its 57-58 facets is the perfect choice for maximum sparkle. This sparkle happens when the light hits the diamond and these facets distribute light through them to provide maximum light return back up through the top (table) of the stone. In ideal cut round brilliants this light return is as high as 92-95%. This is why they sparkle the most.

Whether you need jewelry insurance depends on several factors related to your specific situation and the value you place on your jewelry. With that said, we have compiled some things to consider when deciding if jewelry insurance is worth it for you: Read More

Marquise is the cut (or shape) that the diamond has. It resembles an oval with a point on each end ends rather than curves.




All diamonds we use in our designs are acquired through conflict-free sources in accord with the Kimberley Process.

We use recycled & reclaimed gold in all pieces because we support efforts to protect the environment

We are firmly committed to supporting our community through donation as well as action. Our philanthropy includes community schools, churches and clubs in addition to larger national organizations.


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Do you have a question or would just like to explore the possibility of a custom design? Please let us know and we will try to address your request within 24 hours. If you are looking to schedule an appointment, we never charge a consultation fee or take a deposit so there is no obligation.
We look forward to hearing from you.