Jewelry Repair

For those in need of professional jewelry repair services in the Washington D.C. and surrounding areas, Adeler Jewelers has over 40 years of experience helping customers restore their most precious pieces.

Jewelry Repair:

We perform each individual jewelry repair onsite at our workshop and specialize in servicing gold, platinum, and silver. We are happy to attempt any size jewelry repair, from small necklace repairs to complex antique jewelry repairs. Re-sizing, re-tipping, re-setting, and repairing your most valuable and sentimental pieces is a job we take very seriously. Because jewelry repairs may take between one week to ten days to complete, we provide complimentary estimates prior to beginning any repair service.

Pearl Restringing:

At Adeler Jewelers, we also offer professional pearl restringing services. Most pearl necklaces are strung on silk and individually knotted in between. As a result, the silk allows the pearl strands to have flexibility and not hang rigidly, lending to their appeal. Because silk is an organic material, it decomposes and breaks over time. Depending on its wear, you should restring your pearls every 3-5 years (depending on wear). To check for “wear” on a strand, look to see if the knots of the necklace are fraying or if there is gapping between the pearls and the knots. This is also a good indication that your pearls need restringing.

Discover how Adeler Jewelers can breathe new life into your most beloved jewelry. For professional jewelry repair services in the D.C. and surrounding areas, contact us today.

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Custom Jewelry Design - if you can imagine it, Jorge Adeler can create it

It seems the word "recycle" has been a bit overused lately. This being said, did you realize that by simply re-fashioning or re-designing a piece of jewelry you are actually "recycling"? One of the virtues of heirloom jewelry is that the component parts, as in the metal and gemstones used, can actually be reused. One of our specialties is not just custom jewelry design but rather custom re-design. So take a look at in that jewelry box and consider what pieces you have that no longer suit your style, are broken or perhaps just need a little updating, and make and appointment. After all, while our design consultations are ALWAYS free of charge, the results can often be priceless.

Adeler jewelry hits the red carpet

Many of Hollywood's most recognized celebrity faces have been spotted wearing custom designed Adeler jewelry everywhere from the Emmys to the Oscars. Stars like Halle Berry, Minka Kelly and Kim Kardashian have made Adeler one of their favorite choices. Check out our celebrity jewelry on the red carpet.