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Fall arriving means we are changing how we dress to prepare for the cold weather. And with the change in clothing also comes a change in jewelry accessories. After being locked inside for the past two years, it’s time to show off your personality and be bold with these five jewelry trends this fall.


Pearls have never lost their beauty, but they are making a significant resurgence in popularity this fall. Instead of a classic string of pearls like you might have seen in past years, pearls are reimagined into an array of jewelry pieces. Bracelets, earrings, and rings are all seeing pearls added and often accented by other stones such as diamonds, emeralds, or rubies.

18KT Yellow Gold, Pyritized Ammonite and South Sea Pearl Pendant

Bracelets on top of Bracelets

Bracelets have never stopped being fashionable, but they are making a new name in fashion. Whether it is large thick bracelets that cover your entire wrist or many small ones stacked upon each other, bracelets are a vital part of someone’s fall wardrobe. So no matter what kind of bracelets you own, bangle, cuff, charm, gemstone, or of the many other options, it’s time to bring them out this fall and pair them together.

18K Hammered Yellow Gold Cuff


Hoops are one of those jewelry pieces that you can wear with anything and are making a big splash this fall. Traditional hoops are in style, but so are the more ornate hoop styles. So gold or silver, large or small, simple or erupting with color, don’t be afraid to wear them out this fall.

18K Small Hammered Yellow Gold Diamond Hoops


Let your ears do the talking this fall with some dangly earrings. Dangle earrings are an accessory that allows you to make a statement in style. How do you want to be perceived? Let your earrings decide. You can’t go wrong this season, from simple to the more adventurous large, long or extra colorful.

Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Dangle 14K Earrings

Abstract Shapes

This trend is an opportunity to experiment with accessories without completely changing your wardrobe. Instead of working jewelry around your outfit, try and craft your look the opposite way. Let your abstract accessory guide your outfit and see what comes of it. This piece of jewelry can be an opportunity to showcase your personality with a statement piece.

Red Tourmaline and Diamond Hammered 18K Necklace

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