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Gemstones are some of the most expensive items in the world. When searching for the most costly gems, the lists you come across are primarily diamonds. Instead of making another diamond list, here is a list of the top 5 most expensive Birthstones ever sold at auction.

5. Elizabeth Taylors Brooch Emerald

The most expensive Emerald ever sold at auction is Elizabeth Taylor’s Brooch Emerald. Sold at Christie’s new york in 2011, this 23.46 Carat Emerald Brooch sold for 6.5 Million dollars. Set with 12 pear-cut diamonds in platinum made by Bulgari, this brooch is one of a kind. Crafted in such a way that it could wear as a brooch or used as a pendant for its matching diamond and emerald necklace. This piece would require a magnificent emerald jewelry piece to imagine surpassing this sale.

Blue belle of Asia sapphire

4. Blue Belle of Asia Blue Sapphire

Next at number 4 is the Blue belle of Asia, the most expensive blue sapphire jewelry ever sold at auction. In 2014 this sale took place at Christie’s in Geneva, featuring this gorgeous 392 Carat cushion cut Blue Sapphire. The Sapphire was set as the centerpiece of a necklace adorned with nine tassels set with brilliant cut diamonds. Sold at 17.5 million dollars, this record sale has yet to be broken, even as the blue belle of Asia has dropped to the 4th largest blue Sapphire in the world.

3. Sunrise Ruby and Diamond Ring

The Sunrise Ruby and Diamond Ring is the world’s most expensive ruby ever sold and the world’s most expensive colored gemstone ever sold. At over 30 million dollars, this Ruby Ring was sold at Sotheby’s in 2015. At 25.59 carats this ruby this huge “pigeon blood red” ruby sits between two shield-shaped diamonds atop a ring. With such a massive reputation, it will take a lot to dethrone this ring from the two world records it still holds today.

2. Queen Marie Antoinette Pearl

At number 2 is the most expensive pearl jewelry ever sold at auction. At 36.2 million dollars, this pearl and diamond necklace of the French Queen Maire Antoinette at Sotheby’s Auction House in 2018. Featuring a large teardrop pearl dangling from an oval-shaped diamond by a string of smaller diamonds arranged in a bow. This sale smashed the previous record for the most expensive pearl jewel sold by over 24 million dollars, a Pearl Jewel Necklace by Elizabeth Taylor in 2011.

ctf pink star diamond

1. CTF Pink Star Diamond

The final piece of jewelry on this list is the world’s most expensive diamond ever sold. Priced at 71.2 million dollars, this diamond smashes any other gemstone sold. Now referred to as the CTF Pink Star, this 59.6 Carat flawless pink diamond is truly one of a kind. The size of this diamond is often compared to a strawberry to truly put its magnitude into perspective. Its name was also changed from “The Pink Star” to “CTF Pink Star” by the buyer Dr. Henry Cheng Kar-Shun, in memory of his late father, Dr. Cheng Yu-Tung. Compared to the rest, the CTF Pink Star sits at the top of our list of the most Expensive Birthstones e

We hope you enjoyed this list of the most Expensive Birthstones ever sold at an Auction. If You enjoyed this content, check out our History of Birthstones.