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Gold textured ring
Gold textured ring

I just read two incredible articles…both relating to GOLD.  First I will begin by saying that I am not THAT OLD…I say this because I am only 40 (ok ok…41) and I can remember well when gold was about $300 an oz.  I say this only for reference because, I am sure it was much lower in my lifetime, but I was interested enough to take notice when in it, at some point when it was about $300 an oz.

Today (12/7/2012) it is $1701 oz!!!! Crazy right?  So I read in JCK Magazine today that although the price of gold has remained pretty flat this year, and seems quite high when compared to where it has been in the past, Deutsche Bank predicts gold will pass $2000 per oz in the first half of 2013 and Citibank thinks it will hit $$2,400 per oz in the same time frame!

Why does this matter you ask?  This brings us to the second incredible article I read today: Heating technicians unearth $300K in gold dust.   Umm…what??

Two amazingly honest heating technicians in California found 12 baby food jars full of GOLD DUST hidden under the floor boards of a house where they where installing an HVac system.  They (very briefly ) considered keeping them, and then turned them over to the owners. These jars contained gold dust valued at $300, 000!!!! WOW 🙂  Kind of makes you smile doesn’t it?

I love honest people!  Good for you Steve Ottley (and whoever your co-worker was too!!!)