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cbs watch women of washington

It was really great to meet such a dynamic group of women at the photo shoot for CBS Watch Magazine, “The Women of Washington”.  We were asked to join the shoot and provide some of the jewelry the women wore for it. What an honor it was to be included. My dad was so proud 🙂

Living in DC, you realize quickly that our “local” news is most other people’s “national” news, so it is interesting to have an opportunity to hear these women talk among themselves about the current climate on the “hill” in the city during this very politically charged election year.

The Jefferson Hotel was a wonderful venue now that it has been completely revamped  and updated. I know I will be recommending it in the future to our out of town friends and clients.  So in short…. style, power and elegance came together on that shoot…. and I felt honored to be a part of it!

You can read the entire article here.

women of washington