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I was a little excited (ok, more than a little…truth be told) but also disheveled and perplexed. I could ALMOST put a ladies photo shoot together in my sleep. This is not a pat on the back…this is more a nod to the amazing team that we have assembled through the years….

Our amazing photographer Tim Coburn (@timcoburnphoto), uber talented stylist James Cornwell (@cornwellstyling) and beautiful model Catherine Morin, but a men’s shoot… new model, new props….new poses…new jewelry……uuuurrrggghhh!

Thankfully I brought in the big guns again (same great team….new great model… thanks Jordan Baird (@jordan_baird) …plus a few new guys to the field of modeling Josh and Andrew) and we got rolling. Here are some behind the scenes of the action. Fun, frolic, fabulous shots and I think some amazing things to come! Stay tuned!