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I never thought I would put that as a headline BUT… it seems more and more brick and mortar retail stores are feeling the crunch of online stores and trying out ways to “fight back”.  An Australian based health food store has adopted the novel (although surely not popular) approach of charging a $5 “show-rooming” fee.  Why ? you ask…well, it seems that people have gotten into a habit of going into retail stores to “touch and feel” the products, even try them out if they are camera’s or electronics…and then buying them online for a discounted price.  What is this telling us about the changing trends in retail?

1) People STILL want to hold, touch and feel items before they buy.  2) Retail stores can’t remain in business when they have to cover the operating cost of  a brick and mortar store just so that people can “test drive” the merchandise and then buy elsewhere.    3) People don’t like to spend more for a product when they know there is somewhere else they can get if for less.
I am grateful that we offer one-of-a-kind designs in an atmosphere where one-on-one professional and friendly  service is still appreciated.  But even WE have had to adapt to the changing tide.  You will find online shopping on our website.   I am anxious to see how retail continues to evolve with the times, needs and wants of the consumer.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Meanwhile, stay tuned…I am sure there will be others out there who will be coming up with novel ways to embrace these changes, it is up to us to see if we too will adapt.