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Photo of Pamela Brown for DC Magazine April Edition wearing Adeler Jewelers Earrings.

We are lucky to have been a part of DC Modern Luxury’s latest magazine issue! We had the opportunity to provide jewelry for the cover and other photos throughout the issue. The entire Photoshoot with Pamela Brown was super fun, and we just wanted to give you a little behind-the-scenes.

The photoshoot took place at the Jefferson Hotel, a Washington, DC, famous hotel known for its discretion and for hosting some of the biggest names in Hollywood as well as politics. The shoot took place in the Jeffersons’ gorgeous Presidential suite that overlooks the Washington Monument. 

Behinds the Scenes

If you have ever been a part of any photoshoot for a wedding, family gathering, or simply trying to get your friends to create a memory, then you know how long taking pictures can realistically take. So this photo shoot was an all-day affair with lots and lots of fun but also hard work to pull off these glamorous pictures. 

Moments to remember

Wendy represented us here at Adeler Jewelers for the whole day. She provided the jewelry and was present for the entirety of the shoot. Some of the exciting moments from the day were the ability to catch a quick pic with Pamela Brown, the featured woman in the April Issue! 

Behind the scenes of the Pamela Brown photoshoot with dc Magazine.

Wendy also shared how one of her favorite moments was the use of the leafblower. They were able to utilize a leafblower to create a natural wind look and take these photos to the next level! But seeing them using a leafblower in the room and blowing it at the cover of the magazine was hysterical!

If you are interested in checking out the April issue, Check out DC Modern Luxury.

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