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Every year trends change and flow, allowing you to change up your collection and express yourself in different ways. So without a long introduction, let’s jump into the key Jewelry trends for 2023.

Statement Pendants

Statement pendant necklaces are currently trending this year. With this accessory, you certainly can transform any look into a masterpiece. We see more chunky pieces with less conventional shapes and a more contemporary feel. So if you’re in the market for statement pendants, make sure to go bold and big! With the trend of colored gemstones going on this year, there are plenty of beautiful statement pendants to choose from and rock in 2023.

Stacking Bracelets or Chunkier cuffs

A cuff has become a great way to make a statement with a simple addition to your outfit. Worn alone or stacked together, these pieces allow you to express yourself and wear them how you want. This year we have already seen cuffs worn all up the arm in different functions to accent what you’re wearing! This trend also comes with the classic bracelet stack, another great way to accent your outfit and show off a little of your personality.

Layerings of Beads

Bead necklaces for those experienced in layering are the perfect addition for 2023. Stacking, matching, mismatching, coordinated, and uncoordinated bead necklaces are here to stay for 2023. No matter what you’re wearing, you can make the beads work for you in any outfit. As a more casual way to accessorize, this trend is perfect for experienced jewelry enthusiasts and beginners.

Chunkier pieces with less conventional shapes

In this more general category, one trend you can expect to see this year is more prominent and more unusual everything! Whether a necklace, bracelet, or ring, the style is unique and new. Push your limits with exciting shapes and sizes that accent different parts. And don’t be afraid to wear more, be big and bold and let the jewelry speak through you! This opens up so many new options making it one of the best Jewelry trends for 2023.

Jumbo Pearls or Uniquely shaped pearls

Pearls are a classic, timeless piece that will always be in style in one way or another. But they are trending this year, not because the classic strand is making a comeback, but for their newfound use in bold and unique pieces that are shaking up the fashion and jewelry industry. Change it up with uniquely shaped pearl strands with freshwater pearls, or add a new color of pearl to your collection like some beautiful Tahitian pearls.