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With the New Year come countless opportunities to explore the great outdoors. There are plenty of winter activities in and around Great Falls to enjoy in the crisp, cold air. From snow tubing and ice skating to winter hikes and tours of monuments, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you are looking for a fun activity with friends or family or want to take in the beauty of the outdoors, these winter activities near Great Falls will help you create lasting memories.

1. Winter Walks

Even though it may be colder outside for the next couple of months doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the fantastic hikes and walks in and around the area. The great falls park and river trail offers excellent opportunities for fresh air and taking in some beautiful views. With three waterfall overlooks near the visitor center, you can decide how long you want outside. With minimal crowding because of the weather, this is an excellent opportunity to get out and stay active.

2. Ice skating

Ice skating is another great opportunity to get outside and do a fun winter activity. Near great falls, there are plenty of ice skating rinks. Ice skating is a very family-friendly activity that is entertaining. With options for indoor and outdoor ice skating, you can create the experience you’re looking for. For more information about ice skating rinks nearby, check out: 5 Places to go ice skating near Great Falls.

3. Snow tubing

Snow tubing is an exhilarating winter activity perfect for the whole family. It’s easy to start; all you need is an inner tube, snow, and a hill. Once you have all three, you can begin your journey down the mountain. Snow tubing can be a great way to stay active during winter while having a blast with friends and family. There are plenty of places to go tubing, so grab an inner tube, find a hill and get ready for a fun winter adventure! Snowtubing is available at various resorts throughout Virginia, some of which can be found here.

4. Monument Tour

Washington DC is nearby, and during the winter months, the continuous stream of tourists visiting and exploring the monuments has usually slowed down. With fewer people around, this provides an excellent opportunity to explore the monuments and memorials you’ve always wanted. So bundle up and make a day trip to check some more sights off your bucket list!

5. Museums

Now, suppose you’re looking for an indoor activity for the cold days. In that case, the variety of museums nearby is also an excellent opportunity to get moving and explore new things! With a vast list of museums in D.C. to choose from, such as the Natural History Museum, as well as options closer to great falls, like the National Air and Space Museum. With so many options, there is no excuse for being bored on cold winter days!