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The Halloween festivities were hair-raising to say the least.  Every year the merchants of Great Falls host a Halloween celebration here in the Village Centre and adjacent shopping centers.  The Boy Scouts set up a Haunted House, Celebrate Great Falls coordinate the police and volunteers and everyone joins together to put on a fun night for the kids.  Adeler Jewelers LOVES this tradition.  We decorate our porch and and instill some good-natured fear into our little visitors.

The night began with a pet parade and really, who doesn’t love furry friends in costumes?!  Then the kids went around to each shop and collected as much candy as they could.  (Disclaimer to parents: Adeler Jewelers is not responsible for any tummy aches caused by the mountains of candy given out last night!)  Happy kids, happy parents, happy pets, and CANDY??  It was a great night.

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