HOURS: Tue – Sat 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Great Falls Community Center
Representatives from ​over a ​dozen Great Falls organizations ​have met twice already ​met ​twice already to ​further plans of making the Great Falls Grange the ​HEART and meeting place of the Great Falls Community.​

“It’s possibly one of the biggest transformative events in the community the last 10 years,” said ​Jorge Adeler, the organizer and catalyst of this endeavor. ​

Groups represented included the Optimists Club, the Great Falls Business and Professional Association, the Great Falls Friends and Neighbors, Great Falls Studios, Amadeus Orchestra, Great Falls Citizens Association, Great Falls Historical Society, Great Falls Farmers Market and others.

“When we work as a team,” ​Adeler said, “we can sustain the use of the Grange and the School House and, with our own efforts, we have a united front to present to our county supervisor.”

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