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The amazing thing about working in a family business …is the that there is ALWAYS the glimmer of hope that your own children will one day maybe carry the torch and go into that same family business. My parents always had that dream, and my sister and I have been happily working in the business now for over 2 decades.

Well folks …. that glimmer is now a spark…..take a look at these pictures.


This is my oldest daughter Eden carving her first wax in our workshop. All the kids have; licked stamps, stuffed envelopes, cleaned glass, put out jewelry and even been trying their hand at being very helpful sales associates, but a few months ago, Eden expressed a desire to sketch a few designs, just like her grandfather and aunt.

Now, my dad has said that she could try her hand at working on the “next step”, which in custom design jewelry making, is hand carving the wax. So here she is, working away, in our workshop, learning the custom design jewelry business from the ground up. Just like her mom did. That hope thing is singing now.

Stay tuned for pictures of the other kids who are chomping at the bit to get into the workshop too. The boys already know what they are going to be designing Looks like they have their hearts set on ancient coin jewelry. Val and I are hoping that we will be able to retire early with all this enthusiasm brewing!