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white glove customer service at Adeler Jewelers

“Hello, welcome…”

“Would you like coffee, tea?”

“Cold water,  sparkling water?”

“May I take your coat?”

“I would be happy to check the prongs on your rings and clean your jewelry while you wait.”

In today’s retail environment there are so many choices for purchases.  In the luxury market, how much are the “extra’s “worth? Or are they expected…?  Things like the extra service, the brick –and-mortar environment, the perks.

They are worth enough to keep the traditional, multigenerational brands in business. This is possibly due to an expected standard of quality and service that is understood between buyer and seller in these brands.

If a custom jeweler makes a ring for a client and the size needs to be modified for example, of course it will be done…at no charge.

And when Daylight Savings rolls around I suppose one should not be surprised when the “in box” has a notice from the auto dealership offering to change the clock in the car “at your convenience, if you just stop by”.   It was a nice offer, this I can manage on my own  🙂