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Woman wearing a custom jewelry silver necklace

Whoever says custom jewelry should be worn on special occasions only is missing out on all the fun and fashion! If you own a beautiful array of gemstone jewelry pieces but are too afraid to accessorize them with your casual wardrobe, then this article is for you.

Knowing which custom jewelry pieces match best with what colors, materials, and other wardrobe accessories can be a brainteaser. To help you unsolve this mystery, Adeler Jewelers has provided a few simple tips to remember when pairing your favorite custom jewelry designs with the appropriate attire to create balance and sophistication—whether you’re at the office, out with friends, or on a casual Sunday stroll.

Tips for Pairing Your Custom Jewelry

Pearls Always Pair Nicely:

As Jackie O once said, “Pearls are perfect for any occasion.” These wise words still ring true today. Yet, most women keep their beloved pearls locked inside a jewelry box, only to be worn for special anniversaries or dinner parties. Sure, there’s always been a certain level of pearl etiquette for women to follow, but when you pair your pearls with the right outfit, you can achieve an elegant, classic look that you can literally rock anywhere!

For instance, if you’re wearing a classic, one-string pearl necklace to the office, pair them with a slimming suit jacket or a tailored buttoned-down shirt or blouse. You’ll also want to pair pearls with sea colors, such as a deep blue or aqua.

Diamonds Really Are Forever:

Diamonds offer a timeless beauty, and the best part is…they pair well with just about any outfit you own. You may wear your diamond engagement ring wherever you go, but don’t be afraid to add a few more custom diamond pieces to your apparel for added sparkle. For example, diamond stud earrings look captivating on women with oval faces. On the other hand, women with square faces look better with circular diamond earrings or hoops. Wearing darker colors like grey is also a sure way to make your gemstones pop!

Always remember to make sure your diamond jewelry pieces are of the same quality. It’s easily to spot fake diamonds, especially if their paired with real ones.

Simplicity Equals Sophistication:

If you’re someone who loves bright, bold patterns, pair this look with custom jewelry pieces that offer simplicity. This way your jewelry won’t clash with or take away from the statement your outfit is trying to make.

For example, if you’re wearing a heavy patterned dress, pair it with some elegant diamond stud earrings, a simple gold necklace, or silver watch. It’s fun to mix and match, but you don’t want to overdo it and have two focal points. If your outfit is the main attraction, then you’ll want to select jewelry and accessories that complement it…not steal the spotlight.

For more jewelry tips, stay connected with our blog. If you’d like to update your custom jewelry collection with stunning one-of-a-kind pieces that help you tell your unique story, contact us our Flagship jewelry store to schedule a free consultation.