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I often say that if I were to have been “born” into another family business, the only one that I could think of that would top this would be a chocolate factory 🙂  I mean, if you think about it, I am surrounded by gorgeous, sparkly, amazing works of art all day long, I get to work with my sister and father in a really beautiful store, AND we get to bring the kids and dogs!!! BUT that is still not even the only great part…the thing that humbles and touches me on an almost daily basis is the fact that we get to be a part of the most important moments of so many people’s lives.  They LET us share in those memories ….and THAT is what makes my job so amazing!  So THANK YOU to every one of you who has shared a marriage, anniversary, new baby, birthday or ” just because I love you” moment with us!  Thanks and Congratulations Kris and Michael for letting us capture the moment and share it ;)…. and Happy New Year everyone.  We wish all of you a healthy, happy and blessed 2013 filled with many reasons to celebrate!