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The official term for a Metal allergy is called contact dermatitis. A jewelry allergy is usually signified by various symptoms that are relatively easy to identify. If you experience itching, redness, dry patches, or a rash, these signs may indicate an allergy to a metal in your Jewelry. But have no fear. We’re here to help give you the best information to help you figure out what Jewelry is safe to wear!

Most Common Metal Allergies 


Nickel is the most common reason for Allergic contact dermatitis. This is due to the reaction Nickel has with water. Because nickel dissolves in water when you sweat, the nickel can be leached into your skin, irritating. And because this can often be in an ear piercing, this only increases the chances of this happening.


Copper can be an alternative for those who are allergic to nickel. But Copper has many of the same properties as nickel, so it is possible to be allergic to Copper. Copper can react to acids on your skin, causing oxidation. This reaction can often cause your skin to become green and the Jewelry.

Plated Metals

Plated metals are some of the biggest culprits of allergic reactions to metal. Even if Jewelry is plated with Gold or silver, this does not mean you are protected. Metals like Copper and brass are often plated to reduce cost but will still leech through and cause allergic reactions.


Gold is often considered one of the safer Jewelry to avoid allergic reactions. But Gold jewelry still can cause responses depending on what other metals it may contain. 

White Gold: White Gold is an alloyed metal that often contains nickel to give it a white color.

Yellow Gold: Yellow Gold is often alloyed with silver, Copper, or brass, and the amount depends on the Karat amount of the Gold. 

Rose Gold: Rose Gold contains Copper mixed with Gold to provide that red/pink hue that defines this color of Gold.

The amount of Gold to alloy is measured in Karat weight. It is vital to check the karat weight to do your best to avoid allergic reactions. Jewelry with a karat weight of 14k and above is usually suitable to avoid most instances of constant dermatitis.

What is the best solution to Metal Allergies?


One of the best solutions to potential metal allergies is only wearing platinum Jewelry. Platinum is a very durable metal that has a beautiful white color similar to that of white Gold. It will never tarnish and is completely hypoallergenic.


Gold in purer forms is generally safe for most people to wear. Most golds that are 14 karats and above will not provide an allergic reaction for most people. For those with super sensitive skin, you may still have issues with the lower karat and need to purchase purer gold jewelry or avoid it entirely.

Discussing them with your Jeweler is the best way to avoid metal allergies. We are always happy to accustom to your jewelry needs in either a custom design appointment or simply shopping around the store. If you are aware of an allergic reaction to certain metals, we will help you find Jewelry safe to wear.