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sarah jessica parker and wendy adeler

It was amid heals and hues of every color that Sarah Jessica Parker and I found out we had something very big in common. We share a firm belief that accessories (shoes, purses, jewelry) make more than just the outfit, they make a statement. The statement that Sarah Jessica makes is that all the “norms” you think you have to obey, you don’t. Funny thing is I have been sharing this same philosophy with my friends and our clients for years.

Why are diamonds strictly for dresss or sparkly heals only to dinner. We are told things are a certain way…but fashion is about voice. Accessories are as much an expression of your personality as when you speak your opinion. Don’t be fooled, you can pull anything off. As long as you feel confident you will look stunning! So ladies and gents….wear the bling and heals to lunch with friends, don’t save anything for “just a special occasion” because YOU make the party 

designer shoes with wendy adeler