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Men's custom jewelry is growing in popularity

Men’s jewelry is making a comeback! Or at least it seems that way. Aside from luxury watches, cufflinks, and wedding bands, most men living in the twenty-first century are happily expanding their jewelry collection. They now crave custom pieces that uniquely capture their personality and also portray a sophisticated lifestyle.

Historically speaking, men have been wearing jewelry longer than women. From the early Neanderthals to the pharaohs in Egypt, to the Greek warriors, to the royal family, and so on, men have been sporting fine jewelry pieces for personal, spiritual, and professional reasons.

A Brief History on Men’s Custom Jewelry:

Used as symbols to identify power, status, or sometimes even to repel evil spirits, men’s jewelry has had a long (and interesting) history. Starting from the beginning, historians believe the Neanderthals wore necklaces made of animal claws and teeth around their necks, whereas Egyptians would cloth themselves in gold and silver as a symbol of their social status and power. Greek men would wear jewelry before going out for battle, as it was believed to provide them with spiritual protection, and as we still see today, the royal family is crowned in lavish jewels.

Remember the popular film franchise Pirates of the Caribbean? The jewelry-decorated Jack Sparrow wasn’t too far off from the real thing. Pirates would wear rings, necklaces, and earrings for superstitious reasons, as they believed certain materials had supernatural powers for healing. In the 1900s, many men, regardless of social status, would sport pocket watches and keychains that hung long on their belts. The 1960s experienced many male fashion trends, including gold necklaces, long chains, and medallions, which lasted well into the 1990s. Today, we see some of these popular trends reemerging in men’s fashion, including men’s earrings, men’s bracelets, men’s rings, and more.

Men’s Custom Jewelry Today:

According to an article in the NY Times, men in today’s world are looking well beyond fashionable trends and are now gravitating toward custom jewelry designs that tell a unique story.

Men's custom jewelry coin piece from Adeler Jewelers

As men’s custom jewelry continues to become popularized throughout the world, it’s interesting to see how some custom jewelry designs are borrowing elements from the past to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind design. To give you an example, take a look at Adeler Jeweler’s gods and heroes collection. From precious gemstones, meteorites, and authentic ancient coins, these unique custom pieces each tell a story of an ancient world made up of Greek warriors and kings. Adeler’s Alexander the Great cufflinks are Greek coins that are bezel set in a frame of hammered white gold. Its swivel backings feature a hammered finish, creating a truly custom look like no other. In addition, Adeler’s El Capitana Shipwreck coin money clip is a fascinating piece that pulls from history and is customized to reflect a distinguished, modern design.

Men's custom jewelry from gods and heroes collecton

If you’re an avid collector of men’s custom jewelry or you’re looking for the perfect, handmade piece to complement your style and tell a unique story, schedule an appointment with master Jewelry Jorge Adeler today! Or if you’re buying a piece for someone special, we invite you to stop into our Flagship store location in Great Falls, Virginia. Let us help you find the perfect men’s jewelry piece.