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Pearl restringing services available at Adeler Jewelers

For those of us who love the look and feel of a classic pearl necklace, there’s nothing more upsetting than seeing your favorite jewelry piece become discolored and weakened over time. In fact, many women would rather keep their pearl necklace or pearl bracelets locked inside a jewelry box than risk wearing it, causing further damage.

Like any precious gemstone, pearls require special jewelry care to preserve their natural elegance. Pearl restringing is a professional treatment that helps you restore the glow and functionality of your pearl jewelry for generations of family pearl admirers like you.

To help you protect your pearl jewelry from natural wear and tear, detecting early signs of deterioration is essential! Here are 5 telltale signs it’s time to contact your local D.C. jewelry store and ask about their pearl restringing services:

You Notice Stretching: The majority of pearl necklaces are strung on silk and individually knotted in between. The silk allows the pearl strands to have flexibility and not hang rigidly. But because silk is an organic material, it decomposes over time and can begin to stretch, making your necklace hang longer and lose strength, until it eventually breaks.

You Notice Gapping: Gaps between pearls are another serious sign of stretching and a clear indication that your pearl necklace is on the verge of breakage.

You Notice Residue: Silk is more absorbent to our skin’s sweat and natural oils. Check your pearl’s knots. Do you notice any signs of residue. The more residue that builds up, the weaker your silk becomes.

You Notice Discoloration: The chemicals from hairspray, perfume, and cosmetics can affect the natural glow and shine of your pearls. If you’re noticing that your pearls are losing their luster and starting to exhibit a cloudy appearance, it’s time to pursue professional pearl maintenance services from an experienced jeweler.

You Notice Fraying: Another common sign that your pearl necklace needs restringing is if you notice hints of frayed silk. This is actually the knot’s natural reaction to rubbing against the pearls. The more fray, the more unattractive your jewelry looks and the more weaken it gets.

It’s recommended to have your pearls restrung every 3-5 years (depending on wear). If you’re noticing any of the above signs, you’ll want to address them immediately to avoid permeant staining or damage to your favorite set of pearls. At Adeler Jewelers, we offer professional pearl restringing services to customers in Great Falls, VA, and the surrounding areas. Whether your pearls need restringing, or you’re interested in refashioning a pearl necklace that has been in the family for years, contact our jewelry store today, and let us create a custom jewelry design that complements your sophisticated style.