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As we are celebrating Meteorite Monday with our Sky designer jewelry collection, it’s a perfect time to mention a must see event in Virginia.  Tonight they will be launching an Orbital Antares rocket from Virginia’s NASA Wallops Flight Facility.  Prime time to spot the rocket is approximately 6:45-6:49pm low on the eastern horizon.  The weather is beautiful today so grab the kids, a picnic (don’t forget the wine), get up on a hill, and enjoy the show!  If you are stuck at work (like I will be) at launch time, don’t fret you can watch the live NASA television coverage of the launch here.  We will be watching here at the store!

If rockets aren’t your thing but you fancy a little celestial “bling” consider one of our pieces featuring a genuine Sikhote-Alin meteorite that fell to the earth in Russia 1947  (ring featured below).