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Adeler Jewelers love the washington nationals

After the NATS (Washington Nationals for you non-DC folks 🙂 won the Wold Series last night, many things went through my mind.

When is the Parade going to be? (Saturday at 2:00) and where can we see the trophy? (Still don’t know if it will take a tour around town like the Stanley Cup) and lastly, what goes into making the World Series Championship rings?

Well, it appears that the designs have been in the works for both teams ever since they made the championship. Because the designs typically try to reflect the team, the season and any defining moment or moments that define the winning team the process is long and detailed.

Now that we know it is the Nationals, we know that they will likely use Ruby gemstones for the red Curly W and diamonds and blue sapphires for the blue and white. We will likely have to wait 12 or more weeks to see if a baby shark makes the design because that is how long the process will take. I, for one, can’t wait!

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