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Heidi Horten was an Austrian Billionaire who, throughout her 81-year life, amassed a jewelry collection of over 700 Jewelry Pieces set to be auctioned off at Christie’s in May of this year. With a staggering pre-sale estimate of 150 Million Dollars, this auction will smash any previous records. The two previous most expensive Jewelry collections to auction were the Elizabeth Taylor Collection Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence, valued at 145 million and 110 million, respectively. Heidi Horten’s collection is now being advertised as ” The World of Heidi Horten,” so here is what we could find about this momentous event.

Origins of the Collection

Heidi Horten grew up in Vienna, Austria, where her father worked as an engraver. Watching him work was when she first picked up an eye for jewelry. In the 1940s, Heidi married German Billionaire entrepreneur Helmut Horten. Through this, she gained access to vast wealth and continued to hone her eye and taste for expensive jewelry. After her husband’s passing, she inherited his entire fortune and became one of the 500 wealthiest people in the world. She continued to grow her impressive collection over the years while traveling the world.

Highlights of the Collection

As mentioned, her collection is estimated to sell for $150 million. All proceeds go towards the Heidi Horten Foundation to support her Vienna Art Museum, which opened just days before her passing. Some notable works stand out with an expensive and extensive collection of over 700 pieces. 

Sunrise Ruby and Diamond Ring from Cartier part of the world of Heidi Horten

The first notable piece is the Sunrise Ruby and Diamond Ring from Cartier. This ring features a gorgeous 25 Carat ruby, known for being the most expensive ruby ever previously bought in 2014 at $30 Million.

90-carat briolette of India diamond set into a necklace, part of the world of Heidi Horten.

The next Notable piece is a gorgeous necklace with the famous 90 Carat Briolette of India diamond in the middle. This piece originated in 1909 from Cartier and is expected to sell for around $10 Million.

Four hundred pieces will be sold in the live auctions in Geneva, with part 1 on may 10th and part 2 following on May 12. Additionally, jewelry from Horten’s collection will be sold in Online auctions. These will run concurrently with the first online sale starting on May 3 and running through May 15. Another online sale will then run in November for the remaining Jewels.

Only time will tell if The World of Heidi Horten breaks Auction Records.